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National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services (N-SSATS)

Response rates by state for most recent survey

Current State response rates (pdf, 75 KB)


1997 UFDS Questionnaire (pdf, 61 KB)
1998 UFDS Questionnaire (pdf, 177 KB)
1999 UFDS Questionnaire (pdf, 39 KB)
2000 N-SSATS Questionnaire (pdf, 67 KB)
2002 N-SSATS Questionnaire (pdf, 190 KB)
2003 N-SSATS Questionnaire (pdf, 216 KB)
2004 N-SSATS Questionnaire (pdf, 125 KB)
2005 N-SSATS Questionnaire (pdf, 107 KB)
2006 N-SSATS Questionnaire (pdf, 164 KB)
2007 N-SSATS Questionnaire (pdf, 109 KB)
2008 N-SSATS Questionnaire (pdf, 106 KB)
2009 N-SSATS Questionnaire (pdf, 141 KB)
2010 N-SSATS Questionnaire (pdf, 137 KB)
2011 N-SSATS Questionnaire (pdf, 459 KB)
2011 OTP Questionnaire (pdf, 347 KB)

Survey Schedule

Schedule for most recent N-SSATS (pdf, 75 KB)


State Profiles N-SSATS

A complete list of N-SSATS Data Reports is available by going to the SAMHSA web site at

Public Use Files

Selected N-SSATS and UFDS data files are available for public use through the SAMHSA and SAMHDA web sites. Included with the files is a data analysis tool that can be used to tabulate and analyze the data over the Internet. Instructions for using the analysis tool and accessing the data files are available by going to the link below.

To download data files or analyze N-SSATS / UFDS data online, click here .

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