Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)DASIS Drug and Alcohol Services Informaton System
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This site is provided as a resource for State Substance Abuse Agencies (SSA) and others interested in the DASIS. It includes news and recent DASIS developments of interest to State Substance Abuse Agencies, as well as documentation of DASIS activities and reports. Copies of user manuals, data reports, and other materials are available to view or download for each of the major DASIS Programs. A link to the I-SATS On-line is available for SSA staff with appropriate ID and password.

Published data reports from TEDS, N-SSATS and other substance abuse data systems are available on the SAMHSA web site at SAMHSA/CBHSQ Statistics, including the DASIS Fact Sheets which are available at CBHSQ Short Reports. Comments and questions about DASIS or this web site can be directed to

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